Flexsim 19.05

Creates and modifies software simulations
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Generate simulated objects and environments in full 3D in the integrated environment capable of importing data from and exporting to various spreadsheet and database applications. The interface supports drag-and-drop manipulation. Analyzing project content is possible.

FlexSim is intended to create models, simulations and predictions of business systems in various areas. In this respect, the tool enhances communication between the different parts involved so that better decisions can be made.

Due to the highly specialized knowledge involved, this program is not easy to use. However, its interface has been carefully designed to facilitate working. In this respect, it allows opening different types of contents on various tabs. Likewise, tools, resource libraries and object properties are available from dockable panels that you can show and hide when it is necessary. The great news is that the product comes with superb documentation, which includes a tutorial. Unfortunately, there are no samples you can use to have an idea of what the final results will look like.

Fortunately, the program supports dragging and dropping objects and resources onto the working space. Likewise, it lets you place the elements reflecting their positions in the real world, which allows making more accurate predictions. It is also great that you can use realistic visual effects to replicate the look of the real system, in order to enhance understanding. This makes the software ideal to present your ideas to the stakeholders or train the employees.

The program is highly customizable thanks to the support of a scripting language called FlexScript, which you can use to create your own modeling commands. It is also very powerful in terms of data gathering and processing. In this respect, it uses ExpertFit, a distribution fitting software, to determine the best probability distribution for the data collected. Likewise, it lets you understand data more easily through charts and graphs. Also, the data can be easily exported in some popular spreadsheet formats.

All in all, FlexSim can be of great help in such diverse industries as manufacturing, healthcare, mining, warehousing, logistics and any other in which managing processes is essential. The tool allows predicting the behavior of a system after the implementation of the proposed changes, which can save a lot of time, effort and resources. Fortunately, a demo version of the program is available for trial purposes.

Pedro Castro
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  • Applicable to various industries
  • Highly customizable
  • Powerful data processing software
  • Exports in various formats
  • Realistic 3D representations
  • Superb documentation


  • Not suitable for any kind of user
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